The Hamrician Political Doctrine

I keep getting all the questions that imply Iam schizo politically.  In a nutshell this is what I think:

1.  Small government is best.

2.  Taxes are so out of control they need to be reformed.

3.  The tax burden on the poor is crap at least income tax.  The more money you make the more you pay.

4.  I believe that any two people should be able to get married.

5.  The govt. needs to stay out of the lives of two consenting adults.

6.  War is awful but when it must be done do so with OVERWHELMING power…this makes less war.

7.  Abortion is not a freedom issue.  Women should be able to do whatever they wish with thier body…a baby is not thier body…it is murder.

8.  The war on drugs is a miserable failure.  If an adult wants to do drugs it is no business of the govt.

9.  Religion is sacred…practice how you want and where you want.  Someone being offended by your religion is their problem not yours.  This goes both ways.  What I mean is that I support the right of the Muslim community to build a mosque in lower Manhattan just as I support a man and women who want to have a plural marriage-ya know one man and ten women..or whatever.

10. States need more power and less meddling from the Fed…

11.  Guns are not a privilege but a right.

12.  Term limits ought to apply to the legislative branch as well as executive branch

I am sure I will add more


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