Oil and the Red Man

Oil Pipeline Press

Oil is not new.  Native Americans are not new.  The U.S. government screwing the Native Americans are not new.

We need oil.  Despite what many of my “I don’t need oil!” friends say we genuinely need petroleum.  I won’t bore you but oil is in most of the items we use or have in our homes. Oil is not going anywhere at least for a long time.

We need Native Americans.  The many tribes of NA’s that fell victim to the white man’s greed, murder, rape, and pillaging is well documented and cannot be argued with (if you are interested in facts.) We nearly killed them off.  We destroyed their society.  Ponder that for a second.  We tried to erase the memory of these great people. Not to mention the buffalo OMG the buffalo.  Now, NA’s who want to live a traditional life are locked in cages called reservations.  These prison camps are filled with alcoholism and all sorts of health issues. Often, the reservations are the poorest area in their respective counties and even states.

Given my need for oil and my love for NA’s I have a solution to the problem of the four-state, $3.8 billion oil pipeline.  Are you ready for my solution?  Here it is:


Hey, a common sense solution.  YES, it can be done.  It is bullshit to say it cannot be done.  Some issues are worthy of strong words and even some anger.








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