Donald Trump vs. Media

I did not vote for President Elect Trump.  I am a Libertarian and Mr. Trump and the Republican party love big government.  Sad but true.

One aspect of the forthcoming Trump administration that excites me is the way that the Trump team is hitting back and landing heavy blows to the elitist, left wing and absolutely bias media in this country.  For years I have waited for any politician, especially a right wing politician to blatantly tell the press to piss off.  By the way,  Fox News is guilty as well.  It seems as if the days of simple fact based reporting are gone.  I will be watching with my popcorn because I KNOW the media will not change AND I know the Trump team won’t stop either.  This will be kind of fun.

If you disagree with me don’t bother to complain or think crtitically about my writing because you are too stupid to understand and everything I say is true anyway.


One thought on “Donald Trump vs. Media

  1. So true. It’s nice to see someone who does not “bow down” to the media and challenges them directly.

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