Colin Kaepernick Teaches Social Responsibility (NOT)

I support the right of anyone to sit during our national anthem.  Mr. Kaepernick being able to  protest in that manner is one of the things that makes America the best country in the history of the world.  I saw a story that the Business Insider published in regards to Mr. Kaepernick not voting earlier this month.

Today I am going to exercise one of my rights:the right to call out idiocracy and ungratefulness which Mr. Kaepernhas put on public display. My readers know my love of lists so here we go:

  1. I have a simple guideline I live by when it comes to voting.  If you make a decision not to vote you should keep your mouth shut and not complain about the results of the election.  Also, in my opinion, the choice that he made not to vote sure makes his “protest” look more like a publicity stunt than a genuine protest.  Protest all you want!  However, if you don’t vote you might want to keep your mouth shut.  Imagine how different the election results would have been if people like Mr. Kaepernick would have voted.
  2.  I agree with Kaepernick that our country has many issues that need to be fixed. One of those issues is the disparity between the way many police officers deal with African American folks vs. white folks.  That is one of Mr. Kaepernick’s favorite issue to decry.   However when a man who makes millions and millions of dollars playing a game complains about a “country of oppression” and then doesn’t vote it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

So, don’t vote if you don’t want to. Give all your money away because accepting money from an oppressive organization is immoral. Also, shut your mouth and get to work on affecting change Mr. Kaepernick!


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