Guns Save Lives

Most of you have heard about the senseless act of violence and hatred that occurred at The Ohio State University yesterday. An evil bastard named Abdul Razak Ali Artan ran his car into a crowd of people and began to cut them with a knife.  An OSU cop responded and shot him dead.

I believe in the God-given right that every human being has to protect themselves.  In this case it is obvious that a gun saved the day.  I just watched a group of mush heads from OSU on TV saying that guns would not make OSU a safer place.  What?  Why did they call the police?   A gun saved the day and probably many lives.  I believe there will come a day when guns are not necessary-I don’t believe this will happen on this side of eternity, however.  Police officers have no more of a right to carry a gun than citizens do.  The police are public servants that work for us and risk their lives for us.  Maybe we should look at citizens with guns as people that in many cases can help the police in stopping insane and violent people.  After all, there are many more civilians than cops and in most cases a police officer isn’t the closest person around when violence strikes.

Until that great day when violence ends the harsh truth is that law abiding citizens with guns make Ohio a safer place.  Blunt? Yes!  But true!


One thought on “Guns Save Lives

  1. This makes so much sense.

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