Officer I Cant Tie My Tie

I haven’t posted a good cop/bad cop in a while.  I saw this story and it made me thankful that there are police officers out there like this officer.  The point isn’t that the man got away without a ticket.  The point is that community policing is the best way to earn the respect of the civilians that police officers work for. This type of behavior by cops will only increase the trust of the community they serve.  Trust by both the police and the community is the best stone to build good community policing on.  I can’t write it any better than the local news did.  So, what follows is the text of an article and the dash cam video published by the WBAY staff:

MENOMONIE, WI (WBAY) — An officer with the Menomonie Police Department went beyond the call of duty when he stopped a UW-Stout student for speeding.

In a dashcam video from Nov. 30, but only released by the police department Tuesday, the student tells Officer Martin Folczyk he’s late for giving a presentation in class and trying to find a friend who can tie his necktie.

Officer Folczyk asks him for his tie — even before he asks him for his driver’s license or proof of insurance.

The officer then ties the necktie and hands it over to the student, helping him to adjust it, which takes a couple of tries. The student was let go with a warning and a decently-knotted necktie.


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