How Do I Fight The Lie?

I suffered from severe and advanced PTSD for most of my life.  PTSD nearly cost me my life.  When I was suffering from untreated PTSD I was a walking time bomb.  I was hyper-vigilant, angry, suffered from insomnia, night terrors, etc.  I also would have flashbacks that would affect me in a significant manner for days afterward.  I would be more than happy to share more of my experience if anyone is interested.

One of the first things my therapist taught me was to “Fight The Lie.”  I had no idea what he even meant.  I certainly didn’t know how to practice fighting the lie.  After months of therapy, prayer, support from my friends, family, and wife  I actually know how to the fight the lie and am successful most of the time.

This article (you can find a link at end of post) explains this much more clearly than I can.  Fighting the lie means that when negative, destructive, nagging lies pop in your head we must fight it.  For example, I had to fight a particular lie very often and I still do.  PTSD made me so alert and so hypervigilant that I was in combat mode 24/7/365.  When I started to get better and have enough control over my thoughts to realize when those negative thoughts attacked me I simply answered the lie back verbally.  For example, if my back was turned the back of a restaurant for 20 years I would sit facing the door.  The lie was that I am the only one that can keep me safe.  So, after my therapist told me about fighting the lie I started to practice.  Next time I sat without facing the door I would say out loud “I am safe.  I am not in a threatening position or location.  These folks are simply having a beer and/or getting something to eat.  I am not in danger.  Then I would take many long deep breaths.  After a while, it started to work.

If you are suffering, try to fight the lie.  Realize that with help you can teach your brain to forget.  I don’t think forget is the right word.  There is no way an incredibly traumatic event will ever be erased from your mind however, you can reach a place where you are able to put those thoughts and memories in their proper place.  And they do have a proper place.  Read this article and see if it helps you.  Perhaps you know someone who is suffering and you think this article may help them.  If you do know someone whom you think this can help then please forward it on.  Remember FIGHT THE LIE!!

Here is a link to the article.






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