Dirty Cops In The High Desert

Have you ever been to California?  It is beautiful, warm and for the most part, people are friendly.  The natural beauty is remarkable.  In the same day, you can surf, go snow skiing and have dinner in world renowned restaurants.  While you are visiting you may want to think twice about filing a police report at the San Bernadino County Sheriff’s office.

The video explains this much better than I ever could.  A man walks into the office and wants to file a complaint.  When the deputy sheriff tells the man that if he doesn’t leave he will make up a charge to incarcerate him.  Then some flunky receptionist at the desk joins in the abuse of this man!  It’s a remarkable video!  At this time the Sherrif has said the deputy was wrong and that his behavior wasn’t what he expected of his deputies.  This deputy not only behaved improperly but he broke the law.

During the video of the incident, you will hear the deputy complain about being recorded.  This video by Flex Your Rights explains in a very short and simple manner why you CAN record the police.  Before you record your local police please watch the video.  You want to know what your rights are where you live.


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