What Is Daniel’s Law in Ohio?

Today those of you in live in Ohio may have heard the news about a bill proposed in the Ohio legislature called “Daniel’s Law.”  All the information available at this point is sparse.  At this time the only folks reporting on it are local news outlets and their coverage is bare bones.  Daniel’s law aims to help curb the horrible opiate epidemic in Ohio by SEVERLY limiting how much narcotic pain medicine a physician can legally prescribe.  As soon as I have more details I will write about them.

In A Round About Way

I live in Hilliard, Ohio.  We have several roundabouts.  For those of you who do not know what a roundabout  is it also known as a “traffic circle.”  Roundabouts are proven to have fewer “serious” accidents because your speed is restrained as you travel in a circle. Also, roundabouts have fewer blind spots than intersections. Another advantage of roundabouts is that they allow traffic to continually flow.  It is very different from an intersection in that way.

So, there is a ton of griping about these roundabouts locally.  Last night the Hilliard city council voted to “look into” ways to make these roundabouts safer.  Roundabouts can be more dangerous than an intersection in this way; attention must be paid while navigating.  It is simple all you do is look to your left and yield to any motorists than are already in the roundabout.

I didn’t need a study to tell me this but the issue with roundabouts is the lack of attention and aggressive driving.  This problem is easily solved and all it takes is for people to put their devices down and for aggressive drivers to stop being asses. BOOM! Problem solved.  If you cant navigate a roundabout you shouldnt have a liscense or maybe even a bike.

End Federal Prohibition of Marijuana

Please take five minutes to watch this video given to the House of Representatives by Rep. Tulsi Gabbard.  In the United States, someone is arrested every 40 seconds for use, possession and/or distribution of cannabis.  A large percentage of these arrests happen in poor and/or minority-dominated areas.

What PTSD Taught Me About Being Soft

“Softness is not weakness. It takes courage to stay delicate in a world this cruel.” T.C.

So, softness is not weakness.  Staying delicate takes courage.  I am not sure who said that originally but I am crediting it to Tommy Chong.  During this series on “What PTSD Has Taught Me” I have done lots of reflecting on the past.  Taking a look back at trauma is difficult.  All of the events that contributed to my PTSD are still in my memory banks.  They will never go away. I am, however able to look at them in the proper perspective.  It is my hope that people who are suffering from PTSD will be able to see that they are survivors!  I heard that for years.  In the midst of having active PTSD,  it is very difficult to believe that you are a survivor, but it is true.  Hang in there and you will see. Never give up.

One of the effects of and common behaviors of people suffering from trauma is to be hard, tough, ruthless, always vigilant, always hyper alert for danger and ready to kick some ass if necessary.  All of these behaviors are normal responses to trauma.  Who, in their right mind would not want to protect themselves after experiencing life-altering trauma?

When I was young I was a happy go lucky kid from southern California.  I was funny, friendly and looked at life as being full of great opportunities and adventure.  However, after my traumatic events, I changed.  I turned into a hyper-vigilant and paranoid man. My love of life had been replaced by anger, fear, and distrust.  I self-medicated with alcohol, pot, cocaine, speed, LSD, and opiates.  Man, I loved the poppy!  I was so angry at myself that I couldn’t stop stuffing substances in a trauma shaped hole that I just became sicker.  I did the best drugs man could make and yet I only got tempory relief from the demons in my head.  As Bono said, I was “stuck in a moment.”  Allow me to say I am not for one second down on people who are using substances to try to ease their pain.  Again, who could blame them?  I also believe (as science is showing us) that some substances, such as cannabis,  help people who suffer from PTSD very much.

I have always been to some extent “soft.”  What I mean by that is that is for my entire life I have been at heart a lover and not a fighter.  I have always desired to resolve issues by talking and not fighting.  I never looked at skills I learned in the army as necessarily good things just necessary.  I cry a lot.  It is easy to move my emotions.  I have never started a fight.  Getting revenge never sat well with me.  I have always been sympathetic to people and empathetic when possible.

I said all of that to say this: those so-called “soft” parts of me are the REAL me. I could have very easily ended the continual abuse I suffered by turning into a violent beast.  It is true.  My humanity stopped me from doing that.  I refused to act like an animal.  I was “soft” and now I glad I am!!!!

Keep fighting whatever the lie is that is torturing you!  Keep looking for people that will help you.  Nurture your “softness” it is what makes you human.


Jeff Sessions: “Medical Marijuana has Been Hyped, Maybe too Much”, Marijuana “Slightly Less Awful” than Heroin

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Parking Lot People

Have you ever wondered why people are rude, mean, selfish and dangerous in parking lots?  Well, I have given it much thought.  Drivers with poor manners are a pet peeve of mine.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of parking lot offenders.  The first one I call the OBLIVIOUS IDIOT.  This type of driver is the one who, with one look you can see the blank stare on their face.  They generally have a phone in their hand and often times they are playing with a dog.  I’d like to rip the phone out their hand and let the dog they are petting while trying to navigate a crowded parking lot chew it all to hell.  One of the OBLIVIOUS IDIOT’S saving grace is that they generally start to pay attention when they come too close to causing injury or scratching their car with a shopping cart, light pole or some poor pedestrian trying to dodge cars like the Frogger video game.  Are you one of these people?  If you are not an OBLIVIOUS  IDIOT I assure you that you know one.

The second type of driver is the NO EYE CONTACT driver.  This type of driver has taken an oath to never make eye contact with another driver.  The NO EYE CONTACT driver is the guy who cuts you off and refuses to acknowledge their jackassery.  The NO EYE CONTACT DRIVER is a close cousin of the NO COURTESY WAVE driver.  We all know about the NO COURTESY WAVE driver.  You let someone go before you out of kindness and as you make eye contact with the NO COURTESY WAVE driver they will continue to stare straight ahead.  This is frustrating because you know the idiot sees you but out of plain discourteousness, you will receive no thanks from either of these two classes of drivers.

Finally, there is the I MIGHT KILL A PEDESTRIAN driver.  In most states, pedestrians have the right of way in marked crosswalks and controlled intersections.  Do we need a law to make drivers exercise caution around and yield to pedestrians?   When I am in a parking lot and the I MIGHT KILL A PEDESTRIAN DRIVER is doing a “slow roll” as they approach the crosswalk I make direct eye contact with them and basically make them stop.  Once they stop I look directly in their eyes and give them the “Damn right” look.

Some people have very nice and expensive cars.  When I see these folks take up two parking spaces I laugh but it generally doesn’t make me angry.   Last week a saw a guy do the two parking lot move.  Did he drive a Ferrari?  Maybe he drove a Vette.  Or possibly a huge brand new SUV?  Nope, he had a very old black Honda with many dents, scratches as well as a door that wouldn’t close all the way!  Yep, it’s true!  You just gotta laugh!

Use common sense while driving in parking lots.  Make eye contact and defer to other drivers if you can.  Yield to pedestrians and for God’s sake please toss out a courtesy wave.  Is that too much to ask?