What Is Daniel’s Law in Ohio?

Today those of you in live in Ohio may have heard the news about a bill proposed in the Ohio legislature called “Daniel’s Law.”  All the information available at this point is sparse.  At this time the only folks reporting on it are local news outlets and their coverage is bare bones.  Daniel’s law aims toContinue reading “What Is Daniel’s Law in Ohio?”

In A Round About Way

I live in Hilliard, Ohio.  We have several roundabouts.  For those of you who do not know what a roundabout  is it also known as a “traffic circle.”  Roundabouts are proven to have fewer “serious” accidents because your speed is restrained as you travel in a circle. Also, roundabouts have fewer blind spots than intersections. AnotherContinue reading “In A Round About Way”

End Federal Prohibition of Marijuana

Please take five minutes to watch this video given to the House of Representatives by Rep. Tulsi Gabbard.  In the United States, someone is arrested every 40 seconds for use, possession and/or distribution of cannabis.  A large percentage of these arrests happen in poor and/or minority-dominated areas.

What PTSD Taught Me About Being Soft

“Softness is not weakness. It takes courage to stay delicate in a world this cruel.” T.C. So, softness is not weakness.  Staying delicate takes courage.  I am not sure who said that originally but I am crediting it to Tommy Chong.  During this series on “What PTSD Has Taught Me” I have done lots of reflectingContinue reading “What PTSD Taught Me About Being Soft”

Jeff Sessions: “Medical Marijuana has Been Hyped, Maybe too Much”, Marijuana “Slightly Less Awful” than Heroin

Originally posted on Oro Cas Reflects:
March 15, 2017 by Anthony Martinelli At a speech today in Virginia Attorney General Jeff Sessions said he believes medical marijuana has been “hyped”, and that marijuana is only “slightly less awful” than heroin. During a speech to law enforcement – the full text of which can be found…

Parking Lot People

Have you ever wondered why people are rude, mean, selfish and dangerous in parking lots?  Well, I have given it much thought.  Drivers with poor manners are a pet peeve of mine. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of parking lot offenders.  The first one I call the OBLIVIOUS IDIOT.Continue reading “Parking Lot People”

End Federal Marijuana Prohibition

We have a chance to finally rid ourselves of the Federal Prohibition of marijuana. Representatives Tom Garrett (R-VA) and Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) have introduced bipartisan legislation, HR 1227, to exclude marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act, thus leaving states the authority to regulate the plant how best they see fit.  You can read the billContinue reading “End Federal Marijuana Prohibition”