Homeless Men Rush to Help Bombing Victims

So, after the cowardly bombing in Manchester killed many and wounded, even more, the stories of heroes begin to emerge.  Emergency services of all sorts were brave no doubt as they always are.  The other day in Manchester two homeless men heard the blast as they were sleeping on the cement near the bomb site.  Stephen Jones and his fellow homeless friend ran toward the bomb site and began to help all of the people that they could.  They pulled nails out of the skin of child victims and help clean off the blood that had gotten on so many people.  A good Samaritan returned the bravery by renting an apartment for six months for the homeless heroes.  Remember the next time you see a street person that they are people just like us who have the capacity to be passionate, brave and giving. Sometimes, we just need a reminder that the poor are part of our communities and regardless of why they are homeless and poor they deserve our friendship, mercy, compassion and help if we have anything to give.  Mercy always trumps judgment.


Scientology and Opiates (LOL)

In my last post-Do Police Even Know What an Opiate is I pointed out the glaring errors in many media reports that a man in Tennessee was selling Kratom and that Kratom is a synthetic opiate.  I came across this article today that blames the errors on erroneous advice from the Church of Scientology.  Maybe on Xenu Kratom is a synthetic opiate but not in the actual real world. Once again the kooks in Scientology have passed off so-called “facts” that are actually dung.  Read for yourself here.

To sum it up Kratom is not synthetic nor is it an opiate. Is Kratom addictive? No more than a cup of coffee, according to one of the U.S.’s leading specialists on addiction, Dr. Jack Henningfield, a professor at Johns Hopkins University. Kratom is not only an all-natural herbal substance that has been used in folk medicine for centuries, but it is also the subject of dozens of clinical trials and studies that are continuing to show multiple benefits for the versatile jungle-based botanical.


Do Police Even Know What An Opiate Is?

26 year Christopher Miller is in big trouble.  This Tennesse resident was arrested for selling five pounds of Kratom.  If you don’t know what Kratom is follow the link.  In a nutshell, Kratom is a herb that is native to southeast Asia.  It has been used for hundreds if not thousands of years to alleviate pain and provide a mild stimulative effect like coffee.  Kratom is a related to coffee, as a matter of fact. There has been an effort by the DEA to move Kratom to the same class of drugs as Heroin and LSD.  Recently, the DEA received so many complaints from physicians and citizens it stopped (for now) trying to schedule this plant.  There are a few states where Kratom is illegal in and one of those is Tennessee.  I use Kratom for pain.  It is very effective for chronic pain and has very few and limited side effects.

Sometimes, I am not even sure that the police understand what substances are and which ones are illegal or what they do.  In a news release detailing Mr. Millers’ arrest… well, here it is for you to read verbatim: “The synthetic opiate, which is illegal in Tennessee, can cause edginess, vomiting, sweating, constipation, delusions, respiratory depression, psychotic episodes, hallucinations, and paranoia.”

My point is that the police and the media constantly use false information to stigmatize substances that they have decided you shouldn’t put in your body.  For the record, Kratom is not an opiate or a synthetic substance.  Big pharma is at this very moment working on using Kratom to produce a drug that would be a synthetic version of the alkaloid found in Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa.)

In addition to being ineffective and a huge waste of billions of dollars the “war on drugs” is often times propaganda used by politicians to scare people away from natural safe substances in order to allow the drug companies to be the sole manufacturer of these plants….yep it is about money plain and simple.  This is especially true in the cases of cannabis and Kratom.

If you suffer from chronic pain and do not want to use opiates I suggest you look into Kratom.

In contrast to the Tennesse law enforcements description of Kratom, the information in this post is accurate.