Scientology and Opiates (LOL)

In my last post-Do Police Even Know What an Opiate is I pointed out the glaring errors in many media reports that a man in Tennessee was selling Kratom and that Kratom is a synthetic opiate.  I came across this article today that blames the errors on erroneous advice from the Church of Scientology.  Maybe on Xenu Kratom is a synthetic opiate but not in the actual real world. Once again the kooks in Scientology have passed off so-called “facts” that are actually dung.  Read for yourself here.

To sum it up Kratom is not synthetic nor is it an opiate. Is Kratom addictive? No more than a cup of coffee, according to one of the U.S.’s leading specialists on addiction, Dr. Jack Henningfield, a professor at Johns Hopkins University. Kratom is not only an all-natural herbal substance that has been used in folk medicine for centuries, but it is also the subject of dozens of clinical trials and studies that are continuing to show multiple benefits for the versatile jungle-based botanical.



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