Chicago Cop Serving In The Hood

Two good cop stories in one day!  Yep, I ran across this story that documents a Chicago police officer tending to the needs of a homeless man.  It is very moving.  Chicago doesn’t get much good press these days.  Often times it seems as if the city is a war zone.  Stats are available throughContinue reading “Chicago Cop Serving In The Hood”

Officer Eric Mumaw-Thank you!

Officer Eric Mumaw gave his life in service to the Nashville community. Mr. Mumaw entered the Cumberland River in an attempt to save a suicidal woman. Officer Eric Mumaw lost his life saving another. Bravo, sir!!!  While this blog calls out bad cops who break the law and abuse the citizens that they work for BOSMOS alsoContinue reading “Officer Eric Mumaw-Thank you!”

Bad Cops in Salinas

This is my newest edition of Good Cop/Bad Cop.  I think it is obvious what category this falls into.  We need to keep standing up, hold public servants (employees) accountable and use civil ways to have policemen like this charged to the fullest extent of the law.  If you would like to read the entireContinue reading “Bad Cops in Salinas”

Officer Tommy Norman

For my first GOOD COP/BAD COP I would like to introduce you to North Little Rock police officer Troy Norman.  He has become the unofficial face for solid community policing.  Check him out on Instagram @tnorman23. This guy has over 1 million followers.  Officer Norman we salute you sir.