Chicago Cop Serving In The Hood

Two good cop stories in one day!  Yep, I ran across this story that documents a Chicago police officer tending to the needs of a homeless man.  It is very moving.  Chicago doesn’t get much good press these days.  Often times it seems as if the city is a war zone.  Stats are available through November 2016.  As of December first, there have been 682 murders!!!  One of America’s great city is in dire straits.  Chicago police have been in the news lately for excessive force and murder.  It seems as if the police cannot stop the violence.  The city’s mayor cannot seem to find a way to lead his city out of this violence.  Chicago is a mess.

When officer Peter White and his partner gave the gentleman in the video a ticket they noticed that he had no winter jacket.  The officer made a mental note and decided the next time he saw the man that he would give him a warm coat.  You can see in the video that he kept his word.  This is community policing at it’s best.  Great things can happen when communities trust that the police have their best interest in mind.  Not only did this act of kindness help the cold man on the street but it started a campaign among the CPD to accept coats and other cold weather clothes for folks on the street!  Bravo officer White.

Officer Eric Mumaw-Thank you!

Officer Eric Mumaw gave his life in service to the Nashville community. Mr. Mumaw entered the Cumberland River in an attempt to save a suicidal woman. Officer Eric Mumaw lost his life saving another. Bravo, sir!!!  While this blog calls out bad cops who break the law and abuse the citizens that they work for BOSMOS also would like to salute the majority of good police officers that serve their communities.  Officer Mumaw not only served his community but was willing to offer aid to a citizen that was in emotional turmoil.  Pointing out abusive police officers is vital to the rule of law.  Police Officers that enforce the law and are willing to do so at great risk to life and limb are also vital to the rule of law.  Thank you, Officer Mamaw! RIP!

Bad Cops in Salinas

This is my newest edition of Good Cop/Bad Cop.  I think it is obvious what category this falls into.  We need to keep standing up, hold public servants (employees) accountable and use civil ways to have policemen like this charged to the fullest extent of the law.  If you would like to read the entire story from the Free Thought Project then here it is.  I have no way of knowing what happened prior to this video.  I don’t need to.  Excessive force is easy to spot.  More officers need to police themselves and be the most aggressive opponents of criminal behavior-ya know beating a man excessively.  SHAMEFUL!

Good Cop Bad Cop

The age of social media has been the single best tool that the citizenry can use to ensure that those sworn to protect and defend us are following all of the laws they are tasked with enforcing.  This is not an anti-cop section of this blog.  What it is is a place where cops who violate the rights of the people (the people for whom they work) will be written about and videos of the “bad” cops will be posted.  I love what good police do. They risk their lives each day in an effort to enforce  the law and protect us.  However, I do hate what bad cops do.  Bad cops that don’t respect civil rights, respect the people they work for or who use excessive force are a cancer that will spread to all cops if the citizenry do not stand up and hold them accountable.

So, send me your good cop stories, videos, etc.  Please also send me your good cop stories.