Illegal Aliens Redux

HOW SHOULD THE CHURCH TREAT ILLEGAL ALIENS IN 2016? **Note: This was previously published in November of 2011. I have only done minor editing.  My intended audience was and still is the Church. I am not directly addressing the issue of the executive orders that President Trump has signed.  However, I think the Church should set ourContinue reading “Illegal Aliens Redux”

A Prayer For Our New President

As we prepare to inaugurate the 45th president of the United States we echo this prayer that Billy Graham prayed at the inauguration of George H W Bush. “And now we come to a new era in our history. In Thy sovereignty Thou hast permitted {Donald J. Trump} to lead us at this momentous hourContinue reading “A Prayer For Our New President”

Abraham Lincoln and Turkey

Not much commentary is needed on this following piece of classic American history.  The words of President Lincoln ring as true today as they did in 1863.  Given this particular time in History that we find ourselves Lincoln’s words are prophetic and wise. Happy Thanksgiving!  This day is special. We should not  forget those that forContinue reading “Abraham Lincoln and Turkey”

Coming Soon-The marijuana smack down!

Recently,  a popular online Christian website published an article about why teens should not smoke pot.  It was one of the most ludicrous, laugh out loud funny and journalistically dishonest pieces I have read in a long time.  Full disclosure I am a practicing follower of Jesus Christ.  Look for this article to come out sometimeContinue reading “Coming Soon-The marijuana smack down!”

Oil and the Red Man

Oil Pipeline Press Oil is not new.  Native Americans are not new.  The U.S. government screwing the Native Americans are not new. We need oil.  Despite what many of my “I don’t need oil!” friends say we genuinely need petroleum.  I won’t bore you but oil is in most of the items we use or haveContinue reading “Oil and the Red Man”

Gary Black and a Fat Vineyard Youth Pastor

I was a young Vineyard youth pastor with a growing youth group and a healthy speaking ministry in the works.  The Lord was changing young people’s lives and in powerful ways.  Kids were set free from drug abuse, neo satanism, sexual brokenness and any other number of horrible issues.  Myself and the people I workedContinue reading “Gary Black and a Fat Vineyard Youth Pastor”