In A Round About Way

I live in Hilliard, Ohio.  We have several roundabouts.  For those of you who do not know what a roundabout  is it also known as a “traffic circle.”  Roundabouts are proven to have fewer “serious” accidents because your speed is restrained as you travel in a circle. Also, roundabouts have fewer blind spots than intersections. Another advantage of roundabouts is that they allow traffic to continually flow.  It is very different from an intersection in that way.

So, there is a ton of griping about these roundabouts locally.  Last night the Hilliard city council voted to “look into” ways to make these roundabouts safer.  Roundabouts can be more dangerous than an intersection in this way; attention must be paid while navigating.  It is simple all you do is look to your left and yield to any motorists than are already in the roundabout.

I didn’t need a study to tell me this but the issue with roundabouts is the lack of attention and aggressive driving.  This problem is easily solved and all it takes is for people to put their devices down and for aggressive drivers to stop being asses. BOOM! Problem solved.  If you cant navigate a roundabout you shouldnt have a liscense or maybe even a bike.