Homeless Men Rush to Help Bombing Victims

So, after the cowardly bombing in Manchester killed many and wounded, even more, the stories of heroes begin to emerge.  Emergency services of all sorts were brave no doubt as they always are.  The other day in Manchester two homeless men heard the blast as they were sleeping on the cement near the bomb site.  Stephen Jones and his fellow homeless friend ran toward the bomb site and began to help all of the people that they could.  They pulled nails out of the skin of child victims and help clean off the blood that had gotten on so many people.  A good Samaritan returned the bravery by renting an apartment for six months for the homeless heroes.  Remember the next time you see a street person that they are people just like us who have the capacity to be passionate, brave and giving. Sometimes, we just need a reminder that the poor are part of our communities and regardless of why they are homeless and poor they deserve our friendship, mercy, compassion and help if we have anything to give.  Mercy always trumps judgment.


Chicago Cop Serving In The Hood

Two good cop stories in one day!  Yep, I ran across this story that documents a Chicago police officer tending to the needs of a homeless man.  It is very moving.  Chicago doesn’t get much good press these days.  Often times it seems as if the city is a war zone.  Stats are available through November 2016.  As of December first, there have been 682 murders!!!  One of America’s great city is in dire straits.  Chicago police have been in the news lately for excessive force and murder.  It seems as if the police cannot stop the violence.  The city’s mayor cannot seem to find a way to lead his city out of this violence.  Chicago is a mess.

When officer Peter White and his partner gave the gentleman in the video a ticket they noticed that he had no winter jacket.  The officer made a mental note and decided the next time he saw the man that he would give him a warm coat.  You can see in the video that he kept his word.  This is community policing at it’s best.  Great things can happen when communities trust that the police have their best interest in mind.  Not only did this act of kindness help the cold man on the street but it started a campaign among the CPD to accept coats and other cold weather clothes for folks on the street!  Bravo officer White.