What if Cannabis Users Came Out?

I wonder what would happen if even a small percentage of people who use cannabis came out and admitted it?


Marijuana Smackdown I

Several weeks ago I saw an article published in a nationally recognized web-based magazine that approached marijuana legalization in a very irresponsible and intellectually dishonest manner.  At that time I said I would go through that article point by point.  I have changed my mind.  However, over the next few weeks, I will post several little mini-articles that address some of the most prevalent myths concerning marijuana.

Any controversial issue such as cannabis legalization can be a touchy subject. In addition to getting folks all fired up  the web and TV are filled with inaccurate information.  My goal is to simply state my opinion.  Most of my posts will deal with recreational marijuana because in my opinion medical marijuana doesn’t seem to cause as much confusion as legalization.

  1. Seven states and the District of Columbia have made the recreational use of cannabis legal.  Many people I have heard from are having a difficult time understanding the legal but regulated use of cannabis.  Just think alcohol.  The government sets a legal age of consumption and regulations that make it clear as to the particulars of use. While there is variance in the state laws concerning cannabis use and consumption there are also many similarities just are there are with alcohol laws and use across America.

One issue all of the states that have legalized cannabis agree on is the age of people who are legally allowed to use cannabis.  Here is a rundown of the legal age to purchase and consume cannabis.  Do you notice a similarity amongst the ages that each state has set for use?

California 21

Oregon 21 years

Washington 21 years

District of Columbia 21 years

Nevada 21 years

Massachusetts 21 years

Maine 21 years

Colorado 21 years

Alaska 21 years