Colorado Adds PTSD to List of Conditions For Medical Marijuana

Gov. John Hickenlooper of Colorado made it official when he signed the bill into law.  Now, PTSD sufferers can legally use marijuana to treat the symptoms of PTSD.  Even in a state as forward thinking as Colorado, it is hard to believe this just became law.  Even though recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado now people can use the beautiful plant to treat PTSD and acquire the medicine under Colorado’s MMJ laws.

People who suffer from PTSD generally say that MMJ helps them to “think in the now” and not constantly stress about things that have happened to them in the past or events they fear are just around the corner.  I applaud the state of Colorado for allowing the victims of PTSD to use pot medicinally!  I will continue to advocate until marijuana is legal in all 50 states (which is certain to happen) and people can use it recreationally or medicinally-as they choose.  Isn’t that the cornerstone of freedom?