Booker Introduces Marijuana Justice Act

Often people who are for cannabis prohibition overlook the social justice aspects of the federal prohibition of cannabis.  My hope is that even if you are against the use of cannabis that these facts that Senator Corey Booker (D) NJ points out would give you a framework to consider the cannabis issue in a different light.Continue reading “Booker Introduces Marijuana Justice Act”

Do Police Even Know What An Opiate Is?

26 year Christopher Miller is in big trouble.  This Tennesse resident was arrested for selling five pounds of Kratom.  If you don’t know what Kratom is follow the link.  In a nutshell, Kratom is a herb that is native to southeast Asia.  It has been used for hundreds if not thousands of years to alleviate painContinue reading “Do Police Even Know What An Opiate Is?”

Stoned Drivers

As I was looking through the paper (old school term for the internet) I came across this interesting article in Forbes.  In an age when research can be thrown around and misunderstood by some and purposely twisted by others the real question is: Do you believe in freedom? Stoned Drivers