What PTSD Taught Me About Friendship

Having a genuine friend is vital to having a healthy life.  Many studies, as well as life experience, teaches us that friendship is healthy spiritually, physically and emotionally.  I am not talking about people who are acquaintances or people you are friendly to at the office.  I mean a friend who you can tell anything and ifContinue reading “What PTSD Taught Me About Friendship”

PTSD is Contagious

It took me years to realize how much having PTSD for 25 years affected the people around me.  Often times the people that I care about the most.  If you are suffering from PTSD I assure you in addition to the harm that this sickness causes you that it is hurting your friends and family.Continue reading “PTSD is Contagious”

What PTSD Taught Me About Being Soft

“Softness is not weakness. It takes courage to stay delicate in a world this cruel.” T.C. So, softness is not weakness.  Staying delicate takes courage.  I am not sure who said that originally but I am crediting it to Tommy Chong.  During this series on “What PTSD Has Taught Me” I have done lots of reflectingContinue reading “What PTSD Taught Me About Being Soft”

How Do I Fight The Lie?

I suffered from severe and advanced PTSD for most of my life.  PTSD nearly cost me my life.  When I was suffering from untreated PTSD I was a walking time bomb.  I was hyper-vigilant, angry, suffered from insomnia, night terrors, etc.  I also would have flashbacks that would affect me in a significant manner forContinue reading “How Do I Fight The Lie?”