Homeless Men Rush to Help Bombing Victims

So, after the cowardly bombing in Manchester killed many and wounded, even more, the stories of heroes begin to emerge.  Emergency services of all sorts were brave no doubt as they always are.  The other day in Manchester two homeless men heard the blast as they were sleeping on the cement near the bomb site.  Stephen JonesContinue reading “Homeless Men Rush to Help Bombing Victims”

President Trump

The day after and a few thoughts about the election of Donald J Trump. So, no doubt Mr. trump won the White House hands down.  No hanging chads, no recounts, and no court involvement.  No, this election was settled on election night by the people.  Trump may still win at least another state and addContinue reading “President Trump”

Muslims vs. Christians?

Final Draft of SVS Discerning A Biblical Approach This paper was written by Rick Love, Ph. D.  He is the President of Peace Catalyst International and a Consultant for Christian-Muslim Relations.  He can be reached at www.peace-catalyst.net www.ricklove.net  This was delivered at the Society of Vineyard Scholars meeting in April of 2013.  Thanks Rick for thinking throughContinue reading “Muslims vs. Christians?”